The cost for Firearm Transfers is as follows:


Incoming Transfer Fee: $45.00 per firearm + $2 State Police Background Check Fee


Incoming NFA Transfers fees are $150

Outgoing Transfer Fee: $45.00 per firearm  + actual shipping charges


Outgoing NFA Transfers fees are $150


Incoming Transfers:

You must read, agree, and send your emailed request at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for choosing to have your firearm transferred through the Virginia Arms Company.    Please note that we offer transfer services for Title 1 firearms only.  We offer NFA transfers for a $150 fee.  Virginia Arms reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any transfer firearm or to make the transfer to any end-user.  All federal, state, and local laws will be followed.


Over the years, we have done thousands of transfers, and we enjoy providing this needed service.  The vast majority of the transfers we have done have been smooth and pleasant for all parties involved. Unfortunately, there have been a few transfers that have not gone as planned.  I have seen our customers have their money stolen, receive firearms that were misrepresented, and have even had the misfortune of having firearms shipped to us that were illegal and had to be surrendered to the ATF.

 Some basic ground rules first.  Please remember that we only provide our transfer service to legal Virginia residents and active-duty military personnel that are PCS to a base or station in Virginia (see below).  You can only arrange a transfer for yourself.  You may not arrange a transfer for someone else.  If someone else is having the firearm transferred, they must contact us to initiate the transfer.  The dealer sending the firearm may not arrange the transfer.


Only the end recipient of the firearm can arrange the transfer.  We are not an inspection station and will not return firearms that were misrepresented by the seller.  We will not allow inbound transfer firearms to be immediately placed on consignment.

 We only accept incoming shipments from FFL holders.   We do not allow non-licensees (those without an FFL) to ship firearms to us for transfer.  Our decision to only accept shipments from FFL holders will provide a measure of security to prevent the cases of fraud and theft that we have seen.

 Most transferees are provided with tracking numbers for their
firearms, and in most cases you are aware that the firearm has been delivered to our store before we are.  We get many firearms every day and mountains of other gear.  Firearms have an administrative process that they must go through before they are available for pickup.  We are obligated to process guns for Virginia Arms as a first priority and therefore transfer firearms are a second priority.  We are required by federal law to record all firearms within a short, definite time period.

 Your transfer firearm will be available at the start of the business day following it's delivery to our store.  We will always work to process it as quickly as possible and will notify you as soon as it is ready, but DO NOT come to pick it up on the day it is delivered unless Virginia Arms has notified you that it is ready to be picked up.  Our receiving department has to assign their resources by priority and will not be able to process your transfer while you wait on the day that it is delivered to our store.  When your firearm is ready to be picked up we will most likely contact you via email, but we will call if we can process your firearm at a time of day that is appropriate for telephone contact.

 We have very limited storage space for transfers.  We can only store your transfer firearm for 14 days.  That should allow plenty of time for coordination of schedules to pick the firearm up.  If you require that the firearm be stored for longer, you must arrange for the seller/shipper of the firearm to store it and ship it so that it arrives within a window of opportunity for you to pick it up inside the two week period.  We will not store more than 3 firearms per transferee during this two week period. 

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Our transfer fee is $45 per firearm plus the $2 Virginia state police background check fee per transaction.  This fee is very competitive and, coupled with our speed and efficiency, makes our process the best value for your time and money. 

 Finally, we are a gun store and we love guns. Law-abiding transferees have nothing to fear, but unfortunately, we have seen transfers that involve firearms and transferees that we don't normally see and situations that don't make sense.  We have a very small window of opportunity to make sure that someone on the receiving end is not trying to arrange for a straw purchase or other criminal activity. We will not hesitate to refuse a transfer or report suspected criminal activity to the proper law enforcement agencies.

  In that same vein, we will not transfer firearms that are manufactured in a fashion that makes them unsafe, nonfunctional, or unsuitable for use.  This does not apply to collectible firearms.  In short, we are not interested in transferring Jennings, Bryco, Titan, Lorcin, Cobra, Hi-Point, Raven, etc.  We can't recommend those firearms for good reasons. If you feel you must own one, you must purchase it or have it transferred elsewhere.

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  When you come to pick up your firearm, you will need to bring your Virginia driver's license (or Virginia DMV issued ID card) that displays your current residence address.  Thirty days have to have elapsed since the issuance of an "original" or "duplicate" driver's license.

    If you are active-duty military and are stationed in Virginia, you will need to bring your home state driver's license, your active duty military ID card, and a copy of your current orders that PCS you to a base in Virginia.

       If you have a post office box displayed on your driver's license, please call before you come to the store as there are additional ID requirements.

Outbound Transfers:
Virginia Arms Company offers outbound firearms transfers for $45 per firearm plus the actual shipping cost.  We ship with UPS and USPS and will select the most cost-effective carrier for your shipment.  The firearm must be shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer.  Please note that due to peculiarities with  California law, we do not ship firearms to California.


When you drop your firearm off for shipment, you must provide us with a copy of the FFL (Federal Firearms License) from the dealer that is receiving the shipment.  The dealer may provide their FFL to you, or they may fax or email it directly to Virginia Arms Company.  We can't ship the firearm until we have a valid FFL copy.  We prefer to have the FFL in-hand or on file prior to accepting your firearm for shipment.


We have packing materials, but your firearms must be cased for shipment.  We have seen the rough treatment that boxes can receive while in transit, and will only ship long guns in a hard plastic case that is then boxed.  If you do not have a hard plastic case, we have them for sale at a nominal cost.


We insure all shipments.  There is a small additional fee for this, but it is money well spent.  We don't have occasion to make many insurance claims, but we have witnessed others who have opted not to insure a shipment and then regretted it.


You will be required to leave a credit card number with your shipment to cover the cost of shipping.   We do this as we will not know an exact shipping total when the firearm is dropped off.  Your card will be charged for shipping and transfer fee when the shipping total is calculated.


Your shipment will be made as quickly as possible.  In most cases, your firearm will be shipped the first business day after it is dropped off, pending our receipt of a valid FFL from the receiving dealer.