Can I carry my firearm in Virginia Arms?

Absolutely.   However, it is not safe to handle loaded firearms in our store, so we ask that you keep your firearm holstered at all times.   We do not have a clearing area for customer use.  We have an assortment of inert "blue guns" for use with holster selection.

What is the waiting period in Virginia to buy a firearm?

There is no "waiting period" in Virginia to buy a firearm.  There are state and federal forms that must be filled out.   A background check must be submitted once those forms are completed and signed.  When the background check is approved, the firearm may be transferred.  Many background checks are approved within a few minutes, but many are delayed for a few minutes, an hour or two, or even overnight.

How can I speed up my background check?

There is nothing that can be done to speed the approval on a background check.  There are many factors that can delay a background check, to include name, date of birth or other identifiers that share a commonality with a prohibited person.  If your background check is frequently delayed, we recommend completing your paperwork early in the day to allow the state police and NICS ample time to process your background check.

Can you submit my background check before I arrive at the store?

No.  You must display the required identification documents,complete and sign the state and federal documents before we can submit your background check.  This must be done in person at the time that you intend to take possession of the firearm.

How do I register my firearms in Virginia?

Virginia does not have firearms registration, with one exception.  That exception is for machine guns, which must be registered with the state police immediately upon transfer or when brought into the state.  Firearms that are not machine guns are not registered in Virginia.

I live in Maryland. Can I buy "high capacity" magazines in Virginia?

Yes, but they must be purchased in-person, over the counter in Virginia.  We can't ship standard capacity ("high capacity") magazines to Maryland.

Do you have a gunsmith?

We do not have a gunsmith. 

Who was cooler, Crockett or Tubbs?

This has been debated ad nauseam.  There is no clear answer, but rest assured they are two of the coolest cats to ever grace a TV screen.

Will you buy my firearm outright?

Generally speaking, no.  We prefer to sell your firearms on consignment.  We have a low 15% selling commision on consignment sales, so you get 85% of the proceeds.  When most shops offer to buy your firearm outright, they will likely offer you about half (or less) of what they think it will sell for.  Our consignment sale gets significantly more money back to you.

Will you take my firearm on trade?

Sometimes.  It really depends on what you are looking to trade.  We frequently trade for high volume, quick selling firearms.  Such firearms are not a risky sales investment for us, and we can offer you top dollar for them.  We are unlikely to take your left-handed .257Roberts rifle on trade.  For many firearms, we recommend that you divest them by allowing us to sell them on consignment for you.  Be wary of trading tactics at other dealers.  Anyone can offer you pennies on the dollar for your firearm.

Do you price match?

We do not.  Our prices are extremely competitve.  If you survey brick and mortar retailers that have a sizeable inventory of desireable items, you will find our prices hard to beat.  There are quite a few on-line sellers that don't have the inventory, retail space and incredible staff that we have.  Since they have not made that investment, they can sometimes charge a buck or two less than we can.  I think the better question is, can a cheap outfit match our service, selection and value added services?  They do not.

Why aren't you open on Sunday?

Because we are at the range shooting, or riding motorbikes, or engaging in some silly activity that may not directly benefit you, but makes us happy.  You'll like us more when we are happy, trust us.

Do you offer layaway? What are the terms?

Yes we do.  We have discovered over the years that we can be pretty flexible on layaway terms.  Our experience is that folks really want to pick up their firearm and usually pay it off and pick it up before we expect them to.  Generally, we like to have around 25% down and have it paid off in 60 to 90 days.  Don't bring your lawyer in and try to pin us down on this.  We are trying to help.  We don't have any goofy re-stocking fees if you cancel your layaway, but our feelings will be hurt, so please don't.

I am having a hard time finding a product or service that you don't offer. Can you help?

We will do our best!  We aren't happy if you aren't happy.  We know many great resources for products, service and knowledge.  Bounce a question off of us.  We aren't scared to tell you we don't know, but we know who does.  We will be happy to send you to a person or outfit that can help you if we can't.

Do you sell boots or apparel?

We do not sell boots or apparel.  Nothing clever to say, we just don't have the floorspace to devote to clothing.

I bought a great holster and it flops around and is uncomfortable. What's the deal?

A great holster is very important to be able to carry a pistol without being uncomfortable.  A great belt is just as important.  We sell high quality, incredibly strong belts from Galco.  They are stylish and provide the support needed to keep your pistol and holster where they need to be.  A good belt isn't cheap, but it will last for years and make all the difference in your comfort level.

I'd love to buy some NFA gear, but I've heard the paperwork is hard to complete and confusing. Is it?

Not in the least.  When you buy NFA gear at Virginia Arms, we will prepare the transfer documents for you and provide detailed instructions on the remaining steps needed to submit the documents to the ATF.  The process is actually quite simple and straight-forward.  After you have done it once, you will be ready to do it again, and again, and again.  Seriously.  We have seen this over and over.

I have heard about buying NFA items though a Trust. Does Virginia Arms prepare Trusts?

We do not prepare Trusts.  Many of our customers acquire NFA firearms through Trusts.  There are several local attorneys that expertly offer this service, tailored specifically to NFA purchases.  We strongly recommend using an attorney to create a Trust if you choose to go that route.  Please ask us and we will make a recommendation to you for a provider.


We can give an overview of the differences between buying indivdually and buying through a Trust.  For particulars about how a Trust works and why or if you should get one, we recommend you contact an attorney.  Beware of a gun retailer that tries to give legal advice.  Many try to do so.  It is illegal, and we won't do it.



Do you offer classes?

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